ISM and “OUR CLUB PRO-PARTNERS” are proud to announce their new international scouting program accessible to soccer athletes until 18 years old that have the quality to play in Europe and Italy.

ISM in collaboration with local partners, organizes selections for players 12 to 18 years old. The technical staff goes all around the world to observe, identify and select young talented players that will be able to train and play soccer in Europe

How to take part in the International Scouting Program

1st Step

ISM will participate in various “Technical Selections/Trials” all over the world organized in the agencies that are affiliated to the International Research Program.

2nd Step

At least 2 players selected during the first Step will be invited to a “National Technical Selection” that will take place every June and September at main training development facilities in Italy (Perugia).

3rd Step

Those athletes that will get through the 2nd step will be offered two options:

  • Attend the Talent Identification Program in the development centre of Perugia: this program aims at gradually preparing the athletes for a professional career, improving their technical and tactical skills.
  • Take part of ITALIAN AND EUROPEAN youth teams and play on a professional level!